Scrap material was used as the main design element during the Ensemble – audio visual workshop held during the MEDS Global Green workshop in Dublin, Ireland, with a focus on sustainability.

MEDS is an international ‘Meeting of Design Students’ network where professionals and students from diverse design backgrounds meet for workshops and events.

tutors: Lukas Jan Orlowski, Erzë Dinarama

audio visual workshop

The participants were given the task of designing, building, and performing on handmade instruments/devices that produce or process sound and vision. While engaging in an interdisciplinary process, the participants explored the multiple ways of achieving different light/sound qualities from a single source.

The instruments were placed in a built space inside the exhibition area. The sound from the space was amplified in the exhibition area, this way creating an interaction between the device users inside the space and the people outside. Additionally, using vvvv – a live programming environment, projections inside the space were controlled by the sounds/words that people generate.

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