ep1 - urban machine

The main drivers of the city of Prato are embodied in the installation through the representation of the "epigenetic landscape" machine, representing change, performativity, resilience, and symbiosis.

Elisa Cattaneo, Pierpaolo Ruttico, Salvatore Urso, Erzë Dinarama
exhibited at Pecci Museum, Prato for the ‘verdeprato’ exhibition
curators: Elisa Cattaneo, Emilia Giorgi
exhibition included the work of: Stefano Mancuso, Stefano Boeri, Maurizio Montagna
pictures by: Okno Studio

The elements represented within the system can receive transformations and generate them. Human interaction can modify the landscape topology developing new configurations that engage the observer in a feedback loop. The landscape is represented by a thin membrane that embodies elasticity, deformability, and resilience of the system. The spheres can aggregate or separate, describing ever-changing trajectories over time on the dynamic landscape and determining performative variations of the whole system. Polycentrism and diffusivity are entwined seamlessly.

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