Architecture and Urban Space Studio
Politecnico di Torino
Professors: Armando Alessandro, Cattaneo Elisa Cristiana, Maria Luisa Barelli,Antonio di Campli, Federighi Valeria
Landscape Architecture Professor: Cattaneo Elisa Cristiana
Role: Teaching Assistant for the Landscape Architecture section
Student work shown, by:  Francesca Pagano, Roberta Rivoli, Silvia Siano

Project Description

In the Piedmont area and Turin, the Po and Dora rivers represent the most influential natural elements and event generators. Rivers are located downstream of the Alps and burst into the city of Turin.
Analyzing the  hydrological network of the territory, flooding areas and their impact on vegetation was highlighted. The river brought to the city a particular type of vegetation, which now coexists with other plant species which are not local but are part of a well-established urban fabric.The project tests if accumulation points due to terrain morphology can help augment and repeat in other parts of the city this already existing/coexisting ecology.

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