pachacamac park


The project for the pachacamac park landscape competition in Lima, Peru reflects on the relationship between Lima and its archaeological heritage and arid landscape.

landscape architecture studio Elisa Cattaneo
role: project leader 

working group in Milan: Valeria Rellori, Ilaria Furbetta, Qingzhi Liu, Huazhen Ji, Maria Paz

archeology and ecology

A new landform to be used as walking path is created around the archeological heritage - Pachacamac Archeological Sanctuary, to protect and enhance the site. Around this path the cultural park extends to the surrounding of the park – an informal settlement area. Different typologies of vegetation are placed according to the amount of water and typology of soil; the western part is denser with vegetation and the eastern part of the site remains arid. Four areas inside the perimeter of the path come as a connection between the most inhabited streets and contain the cultural, vegetation, and water facilities. 

Additionally, the project serves as a connection of the site to recent projects in the area; namely, the National Museum (MUNA), the Pachacamac Site Museum, and the Urpi Wachaq initiative for the recovery of wetlands.

historic layers of the site

vegetation types and distribution

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