wild stories workshop

Vjosa River is the largest wild river in Europe. Recently, local and global activists have gathered to ensure that the river keeps running wild. The workshop focused on the application of advanced computational tools for designers to explore and represent the agency of rivers.  


The workshop was part of eCAADe 2121 ‘Towards a new, configurable architecture’ conference.
Workshop Authors: Erze Dinarama and Iacopo Neri

The workshop explored how designers can learn from and communicate with the environment by analyzing scientific data coming from ecology, and in this way work in a more-than-human perspective. Also, how this knowledge can be represented and made accessible to the activists and the general public so that the river gains more voice. The aim of the workshop was to strengthen designers’ skills to work in a systematic computational workflow, from raw data to environmental stories and visualizations.
Participants learned how to import and work with geospatial data in Rhinoceros 3D, in a programmable and open-ended manner thanks to its visual scripting addon Grasshopper 3D.  

Work by Gresa Calliku during the Wild Stories workshop

Work by Agnieszka Kilian during the Wild Stories workshop

Work by Irem Metin during the Wild Stories workshop

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